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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How to pass and get ready for Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam

You probably are a Nursing Student or a Nursing Grad who is very eager to get ready for the biggest fight of your life, THE NURSING LICENSURE EXAMINATIONS!

I know you want to prepare for it! that is why you landed on my blog right?
I know, I know. I can feel your pressure, been there.

I have some strategies on how to motivate myself and I hope these will help you too as they have helped me get an 85% rating on the NLE.


  • Some people are expecting me to fail and some will rejoice if I do. I won't allow that!                                                                                                                               Yes you read it right! I know you can relate with me when I say that once you decide to take the NLE the whole barangay, subdivision or village will know it in seconds, the information will spread like fire! And when the results come out they'll be the first in searching for your name in the newspapers or internet.When you pass they're the first to know (that's good) but when you fail they'll also be the first to know (that's bad) ISN'T THAT ENOUGH PRESSURE ALREADY?Some (not all) neighbors,  relatives or  friends will one way or another wish us to fail for so many possible reasons. That is the reality of life.
    Let's face it,  It's popular here in the Philippines, CRAB MENTALITY! But don't let it consume you, pressure is good but too much of it is bad. Use it as your motivation! Whenever I was tired of reviewing for the NLE (I took and passed it last JULY 2011) I often tell myself "pag bumagsak ka pagtatawanan ka nila" that made me read more and more.

  • This is not just for me but also for my family.                                                                      How much did your parents spent to send you to Nursing School? 500,000 pesos for fees, how about allowances?
    This was one of my motivations, MONEY spent for Nursing School.
    I always think that I can let myself fail once in a while, but my family?
    I would never fail them.
    Just think of the hard work and sacrifices your mom or dad or whoever financed you to finish school, think of them and their happiness if you ever pass the NLE.

  • I will go through this stressful review and NLE only once in a lifetime!
    tell yourself that you will only take this test once, imagine the physical financial psychological and emotional stress you go through three months of review you don't want to go through that again. think positive, you are a "first taker".

  • God will never leave me in this battle I started praying for the board exams when I was in second year college.
    Why? why was I praying so hard so early? Because no matter how tough my brain cells are, I know it is only God who can decide my fate on the NLE.
    So go ahead pray NOW! then believe, believe that God will never let you down on this Battle.

You can write your own motivations or copy mine, choose what works for you. Mine definitely worked for me because all of these are my REAL feelings, anxieties and thoughts. God never left me in that battle. This is my proof :)

I blurred some of the info, I'm human I also need some privacy. :)

Next time I'll blog about Review Centers why they can or can't help you.
Have a great day ahead!

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  1. Nice advice I'll follow all of it!


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